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The following will be a list of all of the standard upgrades applied to the rebuild. They will be brief descriptions with a small note to the side mentioning the improvements they make to the machine. Please email inquires if you need clarification on any item. Optional choices are available and can be installed per your preference but keep in mind, these have proven themselves in many thousands of miles on dozens of rebuilt Nortons.

-New excel alloy rims with polished stainless spokes (strong, less weight)

-New compound Bridgestone tires F-19” & r-18” (modern road handling grip)

-Sealed wheel bearings in polished/machined hubs (lo/no maintainence)

-New no stays front fender (cleaner look & less weight)

-New stainless brake rotor or machined stock (modern look & less weight)

-Braided stainless brake lines (better brake feel and appearance)

-New 13mm Nissin master cylinder (correct line pressure, now brakes work)

-Modified fork dampening in rebuilt forks (bottom out & top out improvement)

-Tapered roller bearings steering upgrade (improved road feel & feedback)

- Stainless Mk III adjustable isolastics ( better dampening, easy adjustments)

-Engine cradle cutout for easier trans removal (easier maintainence)

-Oil filter adapter upgrade (high quality, easy to find filters at a better price)

-Oil tank mounts modified, long life rubber mounts (no more cracked tanks)

-Modified battery tray, big battery, improved strap mounts( secure power)

-Upgraded horn, more decibels type (more noise & less weight)

-Swing arm spindle securing modification (insures rigid connection to cradle)

-Needle roller bearings replaces swing arm bushings (greased once & forget)

-“O” ring chain upgrade (20K+ miles, low sprocket wear, less lube & mess)

-Upgraded fuel petcocks, BAP’s. ( no leaks & longer life by design)

-New Hagon rear shocks ( improved quality and handling performance)

-Modern flex stem signal lights (longer life, cleaner look, seen when needed)

-Crane Cam coil (modern performance, right for ignition, simple wiring)

-New Pazon electronic ignition ( set & forget, my choice for design quality)

-New maintenance free higher capacity battery ( power at systems core)

-New rear brake switch (replaces bogus stock, long life, easy adjustment)

-Modified Barnett clutch stack & pressure plate (easier clutch pull)

-Vented primary chain case (reduces vapor pressure build up, less leaks)

-Comstock Engineering rebuilt cylinder head (world renowned head work)

-Mikuni 34mm carb conversion (clean fueling, tune & forget, long life)

-Doug’s Hi Flow intake manifold ( more upper end for the 34mm Mikuni)

-Braided stainless overhead oil lines ( durable, modern good looks)

-Polished Stainless fastener package (ALL visible fasteners, 140+, hand Polished, no chipped chrome, life long brilliance, classy looks)

-Doug’s modified chrome exhaust nuts (set screw secure, brilliant chrome)

-Crankcase breather valve upgrade ( low crankcase pressure, less leaks)

-Anti wetsumping valve ( eliminates an old Norton problem)

-Upgraded MkIII style kickstart lever ( no more muffler clearance problems)

-MkIII style kickstarter shaft seal upgrade ( addresses another leak )

-Layshaft roller bearing upgrade (more durable and shimmed properly)

-Modern handlebar switch cluster (all functions on left, clean compact look)

-Doug’s keyless/secure ignition switch system ( simplified, durable, clean )