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Pricing / & transporting

The base price, including the extensive new parts list, my labor of over 400 hours, but not including delivery expenses to be negotiated is $17,500 (US dollars). Options applied are based on my costs plus my time to install. The optional full engine & transmission detailing described and shown is an added $1,400. NOTE** Any contract to build negotiated within the calendar year 2013 will include this detail option for only $900.

The payment schedule is as follows:

--- At the time of agreement to proceed with the build and with all details accepted, an initial deposit of $2,500 is requested. This insures that you are now scheduled in the agreed time slot.

--- Once your bike has been received and totally assessed for parts usability, an additional $3000 is requested plus the full cost of all ordered options and the cost of any deficient parts needing replacement on your bike. This initiates the parts order for items I can’t supply from inventory.

--- This leaves a balance of $12,000 and the remaining three installments of $4,000 each proceed as follows:

#1--- At the completion of the “rolling chassis” phase of the build.

#2--- At the completion of engine and transmission rebuild, installed.

#3--- At the time of delivery

The build takes usually 4 months. I say “usually” from experience which has shown me realities I sometimes don’t anticipate. I am working on a reliable shipping source should the need to order in a part arise. However, this is still an issue with a few emergency options if needed. Please inquire if you have any questions or clarifications to be made.


Mexican laws require that any vehicle being transported be titled and registered in the name of who is transporting. This also applies when returning back across the border into the states. Since any bike coming this way into Mexico will be disassembled into “parts” prior to entering, this law does not apply to parts so there is no issue. However, the American border will ask and require compliance.

I have several viable options to comply however each customer will have differing circumstances and requirements so I will need to discuss these options on a individual basis. I am the sole person who will do the transporting ( no trucking services used ) and I am confident a smooth and secure plan can be arranged. Please understand that my delivery from the Baja to most any of the Western states and as far East as Colorado is available for a quoted price. Beyond these states will require the further services of shipping companies. I welcome your questions via email or a phone conversation.