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Although the cities down here support a fairly normal infrastructure of internet and phone service, it is quite different in the rural areas like where I live.  It is important that you understand this and the often frustrating realities that I must adapt to in order to have smooth communications.  My village has no internet service and my home cell phone can only receive your text messages (NO voice mail). The following is my mode to communicate.

MESSAGES to my HOME/SHOP ( 011-52 ) ( 624-179-2334 ). **note: the prefix numbers you have to dial when calling from the states are 011-52.**      If we need to have a dialog, please text me at this number (or in email). Be certain to inform me of the best time to call and not miss you as I will drive a substantial distance for a strong signal on a mobile cell. Advance notice of one day is ideal should I be on errands and miss your text.

EMAIL (dougsnortons@hotmail.com).  Again, I travel for a signal with the most secure signal being a 50 mile round trip. This reality makes checking email etc. an every other day errand. It helps both of us if the inquires be as comprehensive as possible so I can address all of your questions and avoid another trip to complete your requests in “ bits at a time”.

MOBILE CELL PHONE (optional phone for your text) (011-52)(624-171-0443)

In brief summary, if we need to talk, text me at my home cell, my mobile cell, or email me. I will call you. PLEASE, NO VOICE MAIL, it is not reliable. Otherwise, a comprehensive email dialog should be sufficient for most communications and the best of all these options.

CELL PHONE ( When I am in the States ) 970-570-6726


  • Agua Caliente B.C.S. Mexico
  • MX (011-52) (624)-179-2334
    MX (011-52) (624)-171-0443
    USA (970)-570-6726


  • I make the journey to Colorado usually twice a year, once in July and again around the first of the year. I will post exact dates once my travel plans are firm. I drive a lot so please text me or voice mail and I will call you back at good place to stop and communicate.
  • TRAVEL PLANS 2013…… Enter the states July 9th to September 13th .
  • TRAVEL PLANS 2014…… No firm dates yet established.